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Energy Storage Power Station

The company is a high-tech enterprise, committed to the research and development, production and marketing of Energy Storage Power Station,, lithium battery module PACK and lithium energy storage equipment.Home energy storage application architecture

Our Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery can be used for Industrial Energy Storage Use, we accept any customization as per factory request.

High-tech enterprise, committed to the research and development, production and marketing of lithium ion batteries, lithium battery module PACK and lithium energy storage equipment.
It is applied to industrial and commercial energy storage, distributed energy system and microgrid system. The energy storage device integrating lithium ion battery system, energy conversion system, energy management system, monitoring system, temperature control system and fire control system can be customized according to customer requirements.
1. Standardized and modular design, with module sub-control, operation and maintenance parallel functions, flexible module configuration, to achieve battery group management, balanced charge and discharge, self-dormancy working mode, improve system efficiency;
2. Intelligent management and protection, cell SOC calculation control method, prolong the battery life, improve the application of economic benefits;
3. Adopt high safety standard design, the whole system adopts high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, fireproof material design, with complete safety protection measures, to meet a variety of use environment.

What is an energy storage power station, and how does it store energy?
Energy storage power station is actually a power station set up to solve the problem of peak and valley power consumption.
Everyone knows that the electricity used by residents for production and life is due to people's living habits, which fluctuate greatly within 24 hours. It consumes much more electricity during the day and before 12 o'clock in the evening than after 12 o'clock in the evening. Although the power consumption can be adjusted by controlling the power of the power plant, it still cannot adapt to such a large change, and a lot of power is wasted.
The so-called energy storage power station, to put it simply, is to store the electricity we waste during the low peak period of electricity consumption, and then release it to the grid during the peak electricity consumption period to achieve the purpose of peak shaving and valley filling.

How do energy storage power stations store electrical energy?
According to power experts, an energy storage power station is composed of an energy storage body and auxiliary equipment, access equipment, and measurement and control equipment. There are many types of stored energy, including electrochemical storage (lithium-ion batteries, lead-carbon batteries, flow batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, etc.), mechanical storage (flywheel storage, compressed air storage, etc.), electromagnetic storage (superconducting storage, supercapacitors, etc.) Storage, etc.), chemical storage (hydrogen storage, etc.), each of these storage technologies has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What safety matters should be paid attention to in energy storage power stations to prevent accidents?
1. Human factors, the energy storage system is a high-voltage, high-energy system. In the process of integration, installation, debugging, operation, etc., if the operation is wrong or the site is not handled properly, the site personnel are prone to safety accidents, so it is necessary to operate Strict training on safety awareness and safe operation shall be carried out for workers and construction personnel.
2. The factors of the energy storage system itself, including whether the selected battery meets the relevant safety standards, whether the battery system is in good health, whether the insulation design of the high-voltage system is reasonable, and whether the defects of the battery itself can be discovered and dealt with in time.
3. The external factors of the energy storage system and the external electrical and thermal interference will affect the energy storage system. Therefore, the general energy storage system has requirements on the environment, such as avoiding excessively high ambient temperature.
How to prevent and control risks and ensure the safe operation of energy storage power stations?
Energy experts say that the safety issues of energy storage power stations cannot be ignored. The potential safety hazards and their evolution of energy storage power stations should be effectively controlled throughout the life cycle. For the hidden dangers of energy storage power station accidents, we must first take precautions in three aspects: strengthen the safety protection of the energy storage system, prevent or reduce the impact of external stimuli on the energy storage battery body, actively suppress the expansion of hidden dangers, and prevent the spread of local accidents. Prevent the local failure of the energy storage system from evolving into a global fire. Second, strengthen the detection and early warning capabilities of energy storage power stations. The combustion explosion response of energy storage batteries is sudden, but the external stimulus that triggers the combustion explosion of energy storage batteries is traceable; third, for different types of energy storage For hidden dangers of accidents, emergency plans for failures and fire-fighting measures shall be formulated and strictly implemented to ensure the safety of personnel first.
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