Maintenance of Three Wheels Electric Car Battery


1.It is forbidden to store the battery of Three Wheels Electric Car  at a loss of electricity. The state of loss of electricity means that the battery is not charged in time after the electricity is used up. The longer the idle time under the power-deficient state, the more serious the battery damage. Therefore, when the battery is not in use, it should be charged once a month to extend the battery life.

2.Manage the charging time. If the electric vehicle battery is overcharged, a large amount of gas will wash the battery plates, causing the active material to fall off, and ultimately reducing the battery's service life.

3.Avoid that the battery surface temperature is too high. The temperature of the battery will increase the internal pressure of the battery and the battery pressure limiting valve will be forced to open automatically. The direct consequence is to increase the battery's water loss, and excessive battery loss will inevitably cause the battery activity to decrease and accelerate The electrode plate is softened, the shell heats up when charging, and the shell bulges, deforms and other fatal injuries, resulting in damage to the battery.

Three Wheelers Electric Car

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