The Advantages of Four Wheels City Electric Car J2 Over Fuel Vehicles


1.The noise of a Four Wheels City Electric Car is lower, and the noise and vibration level of the electric motor in operation are much smaller than that of a traditional internal combustion engine. In idling and low-speed situations, the comfort of electric vehicles is much higher than that of traditional vehicles. Nowadays, automobile noise in large cities has become a relatively serious pollution, and reducing noise pollution is also a test for the future automobile industry.
2.Four Wheels City Electric Car can achieve zero pollution during driving, and they do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Because the energy conversion rate of power plants is higher, and centralized emissions can make it easier to pretend to be emission reduction and pollution control equipment.
3.Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are easier to maintain and take care of. Because electric vehicles have a simple structure, there is no need to change oil, oil pumps, mufflers, etc., and no need to add cooling water.

Four Wheelers City Electric Car