Oil Change Method of Four Wheels Electric Car Automatic Transmission


The automatic transmission of four wheels electric car is a highly precise power transmission device, mostly controlled by a computer, equipped with many precision components: hydraulic torque converter, sun gear, planetary gear and complex and small oil passages, etc., which pollute it. Material and temperature changes are very sensitive. If the necessary maintenance is lacking, the automatic transmission will have troubles such as rough work and difficulty in shifting gears.

1. For every 50,000 kilometers of an four wheels electric car, connect the equipment to the power source of the electric vehicle, and connect the equipment to the transmission cooling pipe with a matching connector. Then, when the engine is idling, add the automatic transmission cleaning agent, step on the brakes with your foot, and change the various gears of the automatic transmission one by one to remove harmful substances, and then replace the automatic transmission fluid with the help of equipment.

2. Add the automatic transmission protective agent to the automatic transmission of electric vehicles, and the addition ratio is 5%. For the automatic transmission of old cars, it is best to add a bottle of automatic transmission anti-leak agent to restore the aging of the transmission seal.
four wheels electric car

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