How to Replace Four Wheels Electric Car Tires by Yourself


1. Loosen the screw cap and raise the electric car. If the rim is covered by a cover, pry out the cover first, so that you can see that there are several screw caps on the rim. Use a wrench to loosen it slightly, and then use a jack to lift the four wheels electric car. Generally, there will be a crossbeam at the bottom of the car with two notches on it. The jack is placed between the two notches.
2. Loosen the screw cap and remove the tire. Since the screw cap is already loosened when the tire touches the ground, it is easy to remove all the screws and remove the tire after the car is raised.
3. Put on a new tire and screw on the screw cap. Put the new tire in place, and tighten the screw caps in a diagonal order to ensure that the force on each screw cap is relatively even.

4. Put down the body, tighten the screw cap, remove the jack, and tighten the screw cap again in the diagonal order. At this time, the screw cap should be tightened with greater force to ensure that the tire will not fall off during driving.

 the four wheels electric car

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