Extend the Charge Life of The Lithium Battery


1. The original charging head cannot be easily replaced: the main parameters of different car lithium iron phosphate battery chargers are mostly different, so you don't need to replace the charging head casually without mastering it.

2. Charging head with cooling fan cannot be used: because the lithium battery charger with cooling fan is very easy to be broken, the cooling fan is very easy to accumulate dust during the whole process of application, this kind of dust is likely to cause uneven internal heat dissipation damage charger.

3. Cannot use low-cost counterfeit charging heads: When the lithium battery is saturated, the centrifugal fan of counterfeit charging heads will stop heat removal during operation. If the heat exhaust fan stops working again when the rechargeable battery is overcharged, the temperature of the charging head may double, which will not only cause the charging head to be more severely burned, but also continue to cause short-circuit failure and catch fire.

4. The charging head cannot be shaken strongly: the foundation cannot bear obvious vibration. Obvious vibration can cause the internal resistor of the charging head to drift, causing abnormal charging of the charging head battery and even causing safety accidents. Generally, battery charging does not need to be placed on the suitcase and window frame of a pure electric vehicle.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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