Why New Energy Vehicles Are Developing Rapidly In Our Country


1. New energy vehicles don't need petroleum.

Our country's oil mainly relies on imports from Middle Eastern countries. Our country's oil production is only one third, which obviously cannot meet the needs of the public. Petroleum is mainly used in automobile power. In order to reduce oil imports and ease our country's economic pressure, the country pays attention to the development of the electric vehicle industry.

2. Technology
Many technologies in our country's auto industry lag far behind Japan, South Korea and other countries, and engines and transmissions have to rely on foreign technical experts. our country’s battery industry has developed very well and can occupy a leading position in the world. Therefore, the development of New Energy Vehicles can save our country from purchasing a large number of patents and spare parts abroad.

3. Environmental issues.
Excessive vehicle exhaust emissions have put tremendous pressure on the environment, global warming, and rising sea levels. In recent years, my country has emphasized the need for sustainable development. Fuel vehicles are obviously contrary to national conditions. In order to protect the environment, we will no longer over-explore non-renewable resources and improve the health of the people. We should use less fuel vehicles and more New Energy Vehicles
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