Reasons for the Different Weights of Four Wheels Electric Car Power Steering Systems


Reasons for the Different Weights of Four Wheels Electric Car Power Steering Systems

1. Improper assembly of hydraulic control valve for Four Wheels Electric Car; air on one side of the power cylinder piston; oil leakage on one side of the hydraulic pressure limiting valve or premature unloading; inconsistent front tire pressure; front wheel hub bearings are tight on one side and loose on the other.

2. The spool valve shoulder and the reserved gaps on both sides of the valve body are not equal, resulting in unequal flow on both sides, resulting in different steering forces when turning left and right. If the spool valve still does not improve after adjusting the position, the spool valve can be removed to measure its size. If the size deviation is large, the slide valve should be replaced.

3. Improper adjustment of the valve body shoulder clearance of the centering spring of the distribution valve; leakage of the oil circuit; excessively dirty oil causing movement blockage. When troubleshooting, first check whether the oil is in Wu'anhou to see whether the flow control valve or the distribution valve spring is invalid; whether the opening is flexible, and if necessary, disassemble and repair it.

4. The oil pump drive belt slips, and the flow control valve spring is too soft; the safety valve and the flow control valve leak seriously. Exclude the air in the hydraulic system; check whether the belt is slipping; then set up the vehicle, connect the pressure gauge and switch, conduct a fast and slow transition test, make a judgment based on its pressure change, and then repair it.

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