The Correct Way to Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack


1. The battery charger for lithium iron phosphate batteries is different from ordinary lithium batteries. The working voltage of the lithium battery is ampere when the battery is recharged, and the lithium iron phosphate battery is ampere. When charging the lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery charging board is closely connected to the balanced battery charging board. Generally, all batteries are charged in series immediately on both sides. The battery charging working voltage is higher than the lithium battery working voltage. When each chip design to test microcontroller design operating voltage of lithium batteries, is equivalent to a parallel regulator diode, single-chip design does not exceed the battery charge regulator operating voltage value, while the other side again microcontroller design according regulator diode Charge the battery through.

2. Nowadays, every single power project is close to being filled up, only balancing each single, so the current is not large, in order to compensate and balance each key. The battery charger only maintains the DC voltage of all the lithium battery packs, while the balanced battery charging board ensures that each individual quantity is filled after the battery is charged, and it is not easy to be caused by a lithium battery cell being filled. Intermittent battery charging occurs for all lithium battery packs.

3. Constant current source battery charging method: During the whole process of battery charging, the output voltage of the battery charging switch power supply is maintained for a long time from beginning to end. According to the change of the concentration polarization of the positive ion lithium battery pack of lithium iron phosphate battery, actively adjust the current, assuming that all normal working voltages are stable and suitable, you can ensure that the power lithium battery is fully charged, and try to avoid vapor dissolution and moisture damage.

4. Constant current power supply battery charging method: According to the output voltage of the whole process of adjusting the battery charging, the current is maintained for a long time from beginning to end. Sticking to the current will not change, the battery charging speed is relatively low. Constant current battery charging control measures are simple, but because the acceptable current volume of the lithium battery pack slowly decreases with the battery charging process, in the middle and late stages of battery charging, the power lithium battery receives a reduced capacity and the current usage rate is greatly reduced.

5. Inverter battery charging method: select the inverter battery charging method to carry out battery charging. In this method, the current of the DC power supply remains unchanged, and the switch tube is controlled so that it will be turned off after a period of application for registration, and then the circulation system will be turned off. The benefit of that depends on when the rechargeable battery is When charging, the positive ion cycle time inside the rechargeable battery must be a certain reflection time. When the battery is charged for a period of time, adding a break time will allow the positive ions in the rechargeable battery to erupt in the north and south poles in the whole process of dispersion, so that the rechargeable battery has a digestible time, and then Further increase the utilization rate of rechargeable batteries and improve the actual effect of battery charging.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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