Features of Four Wheels Electric Car


1. Four Wheels Electric Car can reverse: Mainly consider the user's inconvenience, and can move in a small space.

2. Four Wheels Electric Car can brake automatically: Mainly consider the user's reaction speed and the degree of hand and foot. The brake can be braked by releasing the switch.

3. Four Wheels Electric Car are more powerful: mainly considering the degree of climbing to prevent the car from slipping at the start.

4. Four Wheels Electric Car are slower: the main consideration is that the speed is too fast, and the user will easily slip off the car when encountering obstacles

5. Standard voltage: 24V. This is an international practice. Of course, the technology is updated, and whether there will be any changes in the future is yet to be verified.

6. Liquid crystal display instrument.
For users who don’t know, you must judge whether the scooter you buy is an authentic product based on the above characteristics. Some manufacturers use the configuration of an electric bicycle to modify it. It is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. It must be based on the characteristics of the product.In addition, do not buy at low prices to prevent being fooled. Try to choose manufacturers that produce older scooters for a long time, so that after-sales can be guaranteed.

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