Electric logistics vehicle for the last mile of delivery


Logistics and electric mobility are increasingly more related. JINMA' electric zero emission vehicles for logistics are suitable for different types of freight transportation, from business logistics to last mile delivery, thanks to Electric logistics vehicle  high maneuverability and small footprint. Moreover, Electric logistics vehicle permit a pollution-free circulation in the city center and also in indoor spaces. Added to this, is important to mention the absence of noise pollution and a tangible reduction on maintenance costs, comparing with traditional combustion engines. JINMA' electric vehicles for logistics are used by: Logistic centers、Distribution centres、Interports、catering services、Postal and parcel delivery 、Express Couriers..

Electric logistics vehicle fully satisfy the needs of who manages goods delivery. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this nimble mini-van can easily move in small warehouses and in cities’ small roads. The maximum range is 190 km with vehicles equipped with lithium batteries, that is the most required configuration, also thanks to the short recharging times needed.